The Mongo stage

Taking the bus from Skopje to lake Ohrid. Smoking a big ass joint before this bus will be interesting. Will find out if it was the right idea soon enough. Just make the bus in time. As always last minute. The mongo stage is when your brain is just a bowl of spaghetti. Albanian weed fuck. You know you have reached the peak of your mongo when your sink into your own brain. And all of your thoughts are the wackiest shit that just boggles the mind yet also interests it. Like now as I am typing this to myself on a bus with sassy and Nino. In the fucking middle of Macedonia…. Because why not. With hardly any money left and only a couple ways to get some. But you wouldn’t swap it for anything because normal life seems so dull. The lack of alcohol is really ruining this bus and music fuck how you supposed to deal with out music. Have to acquire some headphones along the way. Also the leaky asshole not making this a pleasant time. Still not unpleasant just a little more irritating. Only been 40minutes, bollocks this may get harder. Bright-side at least the views are on point, at least till the sun goes down and it hits face hurting colds. No pictures cause my phone can’t tell the difference between land and sky. Got to keep living life like a sloppy mess. And back into the mong, stop thinking about being productive and writing but instead wonder about what ever happened to mastermind.


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