Albania the land of pharmies

The turmoil of Albanian, The cash finally dried up so having to sponge off sassy till I can get money transferred. Fucking ball ache, banks are cunts. Smoking darts on a balcony with the Nino looking out at the mountain scenery day dreaming about how you end up in fucking Albania with an Aussie and Turkish guy. What is a normal 9 to 5, why would you chose to do it when you can punch durries and drink beers in a random ass place. Albania the land of the pharmies. Not many places you can get a soggy book, a toaster and remote control from the same dodgy guy on the street. Broke the guys couchsurfing virginity by getting us a host in Tirana, crashing at an American guys big ass apartment. 3 bed apartment with actual central heating, being warm in bed for the first time was almost better than the taste of pussy. The joys of a warm shower with soap and shampoo that you didn’t pay for it’s the small things in life that keep the balls tingling. Got to catch up with old mate Jesus before he sets off on his pilgrimage across Spain, crazy cunt 30days of walking feet would be more swollen then yours balls after you’ve not been able to rub one out for a while.


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