We met the “best” drug dealer in Albania

The cunt that is Yaqoob, the self names drug dealer of Albania. Which i guess is true unless you actually want to buy drugs then he’s about as much use a ripped condom. Fuck knuckle looks like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. We’d all got charged on a vodka and beer combo in the hope chewing our face off for the rest of the night. But it all fell through its arse all thanks to the best drug dealer in Albania not understanding that you need to have drugs to be a drug dealer. Had to wake Nino from his alcohol coma so we could get to the club and try find something on our own. Which was a disaster of a place, same shitty beat looped for hours and then the people there clapped the DJ. Fucking drongos. No narcotics in the brain and the alcohol wearing off we pulled the plug and split from that dead place.


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