Freaking out the locals

When you’re too much of a drunken mess and it takes you 30minutes to realise that you feel asleep and didn’t just blackout for a few hours. Which obviously ends up in everyone just getting straight back on it. Slamming beers down at a rate of knots. The mess that ensues when everyone is consuming on an empty stomach is a sight to be hold. Sloppy sailing your way through the day. Having the weird stares in local shops as all you buy is soup coffee and 13.5 litres of beer. When you’re already slurrin your words, you just need to hide yourself away from the general public. The feeling I have now cause sassy is bank rolling me till I can sort money out is an odd one. Feel like an English rockstar not having to pay for anything and just getting fucked up. Don’t think that what people mean when they say travel helps you find yourself. But fuck it I’m fine with being an English rockstar.


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