Finally leaving Albania…

Getting the fuck out of the drug den. Harder than you’d imagine it is leaving a 5m room. The clean up was intense but the build up to the clean up took us through many stages of brain power. After several power naps and dart brakes we had partial brain function, not enough to actually use our dialect but enough to put bottles in bin bags. Then trails and tribulations of travelling in the Balkans hit as we realise they stop all the pissing buses cause its cold. Luckily we managed to bargain a cab to the next country for a reasonable price. So after some awkward broken conversation we settled in for the ride. Montenegro, interesting border control, no cigs or Raki allowed to enter. Also odd looks as an Albania, Turkish, Australian and Brit try to pass in the same vehicle. But after some stares and the most feeble ass pathetic stamp we were in. Lake views for most of the way only occasionally ruined by something throwing shit onto the road. Within minutes of entering it was weird. Apparently you don’t take your dog for a walk in Montenegro you take a few cows. Just down the main road, casual fuck. Podgorica don’t bother within minutes you can tell its going to be wank.


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