Trainspotting in Sarajevo

Sarajevo the place of excessive alcohol and drugs. Stretching your body to edge. Eating just enough to stop your body dying. Then drinking enough to drown a shark. And just to make it a little more sloppy dropping some pills down the throat. Being so fucked up people are amazed that you’re native English yet cant speak a single word of English to them. Wondering aimlessly around a club talking to random people thinking they’re your friends. Fuck being an adult when you can just be an alcoholic drugged up mess in random ass countries. Meeting beetle juice on a night out was intense. Especial when she keeps asking if you’re good cause your language skills have fallen off the planet. All you can say is uhhh ohhhh ahhh. Which makes perfect sense to you but no one else. Coming back to the flat and not being able to stay awake yet still trying to power on. Dropping everything that is in your hands, cause your body is switching off. Glasses, phones, bottles. Anything that is put in your hands is apparently covered in lube an falls straight out. Cause your body is full of alcohol and drugs, lack of sleep isn’t helping either. You’re basically a spaz. Rolling around the ward imagining all of it.  But you cant stop cause real life wank, all the shit that happens in the world you might as well run from it. Just become the mess that you’re destined to be. In a newly built drunk den in Sarajevo. When brushing your teeth together becomes a ritual you know you’ve hit the right level of traveller. Its not about the sites its about the people you talk to. Admittedly its all shit you talk but its meaningful, in a mongo way. But then what else would you do, comfy 9 to 5 with a mortgage and happy family. Nah fuck that just bum it around the world. Fear and loathing is the dream. All you need is alcohol, drugs and good people and your life will never be dull. Your body will hate you for it though. But you got to fight through the shakes and live on as the rock star you’re meant to be .Fighting between the arm and the cold. Sweating like a priest at primary school. Then freezing like Eskimo. Not wearing pants all day cause you’re to lazy. The life of a maniac on an alcoholic binge for months. Walking round in the cold on the look out for a club or any kind of drugs, druggo life. Ending up just buying another litre of vodka from a servo and hoping we have chase back home. Slipping and sliding on the ice the entire way back. Loving life on the ice. The joys of the minus temperatures. And now the beauty of having no running water, so you can’t do anything. Just drinking more to keep hydrated. Shits just floating in the toilet. Oh the joys. When all you survive on is vodka and good music. You know you’re living a weird ass life. How do you not enjoy yourself with a druggo Aussie, a stoner Turk and yourself being a alcoholic spaz. Just turning into an a complete mess on a cushion in random ass place drink vodka like a cunt. Trying to stay awake. Cunts slapping me the fuck to wake up. Cause you’ve hit coma stage of life. Got to punch some darts, when you just mongin out so much that you’re arguing over alarms and who is doing the most circle work.


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