The continuation of Sarajevo

Medical sales people are arriving at the hostel for an Easter egg hunt and we’re fucked up on gin and they’re selling talc which gives you vagina cancer. Just go round mopping the hostel cause its wet. The cleaner doesn’t speak English and is confused. But the gin has hit so you just have to clean up. Can’t have wet floors. It’ll ruin the wood. Cant have damp wood its like having a soggy chip. More alcohol is needed. Fucking Johnson and Johnson has arrived. Groups of ten every hour, trying to find the Easter egg. Not being able to function cause the gin has hit and we need more. But neither of us want to brave the cold. Trying to go out but not able to cause the body is on full shut down. Watching Sherlock Holmes and trying to understand English. Confused yet still awake. Partially awake, having to Google how to spell partially, cause dyslexia and alcohol abuse. But you know fuck it. Waking up rougher than an over done pancake, taking hours to eat an over done boiled egg. Poor performance on the egg side. Struggling to get your phone charged. Which is irritating cause you need to see the artistic nudes your best bitch sent you. Bitch in a good way. Fuckers. Smashing an entire decanter of tea cause you’re English cunt. Not being able to remember writing this or buying the second bottle of vodka. Fuck extreme chewing gum fucks you up on a hangover. Canny stand or walk properly. Wobbling around the kitchen.


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