Drunken rambles in Zagreb

The travels of a hoarder you always need a Rubix cube. Acquired over a year ago in Finland but now a necessity. Always has be with you. Cant leave it behind. Along with the flower jacket. The essentials along a the journey. Reconnecting with old and new friends, that you’ve loved and missed since you parted. The slight enjoyment of nailing dropping a balled up sock into your shoe in one shot. Never buying toiletries because people always lose them. The universe always helps you out. Just got to trust it. Fuck that sounds dumb and spiritual. Maybe I could start a cult. I do occasional smell like a murdered prostitute. I do still need to solve my Rubix cube. Soup time. Probably saw the best jacket in a long time lovely English girl is wearing it. You they are a good friend, when they’ll send you nudes so you can rub one out. Big ol’ boobs. OCD monging you out with the Tupperware. The life of a confused alco pop. No bed for the evening but we can fix that. No worries. Less stress more beer. Eating a soup with the beer shakes is practically impossible. Spilling everything. Don’t know what was in that soup but fuck me I felt high as fuck. Confused by the acid elephants. Airbnb, darts, doobies and excessive alcohol. Gin & tonic with grape fruit, was a first but fuck me its good. Charlotte was right. Vodka and gin isn’t the best combo. Especially on top of a beer lunch or breakie. You’re not allowed in without id, but you stay at the hostel yeah sure come in. Fuckin wank bar club whatever. Would have been better sleeping in a ditch. More atmosphere. Space exploration. Space is a cool place. Id work for NASA, drunken rambles. Then walk about in the fresh air of -12, definitely sobers you the fuck up. Found a different place at last, packed tighter than a pornstars arsehole. Cant even cut some shapes in the place, without putting your dick up someone. Super market sweep, 2kg of lasagne, garlic bread and gin. A weird gnome woman. Freaked me out. Insomnia is weird. Sleep deprivation is fucking me up.


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