Being sober on a bus is totally different than being drunk on a bus.

Finding 2 hosts within an hour for our next stop Rijeka. Had to go with the art student, fuckers are more interesting. Arrange to get the 4o’clock bus but for the first time in forever pretty much, we couldn’t just get a bus cause it was full. So off to the bar to wait for the next one. Beers always help pass the time. Finally on the bus. Also fucking rammed. Back to the sheer uncomfortable travel position. Trying to get some sleep, not really working. Finally arrive in Rijeka, seems like a lovely place. Grab a beer and wait for the host to arrive. 20:15 and are on the way to her house. At the bus stop she asks if we should go visit her friends. Of course we do. We arrive at this fancy olden building, up a couple flights of stairs to the best student apartment. 3 people living in practically a mansion. Students stressing about their exams. Fucking glad I’m an alcoholic traveller. No stress. Relaxing into the night. Obviously being in the Balkans didn’t take long for the Raki to come out. Sitting down and just slipping into conversation with no stress. A few more Raki shots and we’re talking shit. Sassy on repeat about partying. Our host Ivana is a interesting person, with some crazy stories to tell. She has a black eye from her room mate, as a result of practicing Capoeira¬†(had to Google how to spell that). Lost her 2 front teeth from falling an epileptic fit. Fucked up other eye awhile back from it as well. Brings us a breakfast selection, of everything that is all homemade. Arrangement of sausage, Ayra, marmalade, cheese and bread. Fucking delicious breakie. Drank down with Joghurt, Balkan yoghurt that you drink. Surprisingly deliciously after you get past the weirdness of drinking yoghurt.


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