Back to school

Off to art school. Slightly hung-over and tired, that’s how you do uni right? But first I have to look like I’m from clock work orange. Big dangling earring and a bowler hat. To complete the denim jacket and loafer aesthetic. Interesting outfit choices are my thing.  Entering an art school I blend in. Some odd glances on the walk there but actually a lovely little town. Also a lovely day. Nice being out of the freezer. Walking in just a jacket instead of 37 layers of fabric. Art school where i wanted to go before I gave up education. Aesthetically pleasing place with some crazy characters.  Fuck these cunts can paint. Like exceptionally well, unbelievable stuff on display. Do love the feel of an art exhibition. Paint and shit everywhere. Can’t stop touching the bowler hat. Looking like a mysterious gentleman. Sliding round halls. To the noise of a loafer clip clop. Set my loafers off too a castle with a vantage point. Stunning view of the city and the sea. Little bit of cloud but canny complain. Especially seen as I’ve not seen blue sky for ages. Down we go. 600 stairs. Its a steep ass place to live. Lots of hills. Up and down. Knees burning. Wondering round town wonder why I’m getting odd looks. Remember that I’ve got a dangling ear ring and a bowler hat. Staring at some roman ruins. Actually doing tourists stuff instead of just drinking and or taking pingers.  Which I assume is what you’re meant to do when travelling, see the sights not the bars. Winding up the roads to the uni. To be cheap cunts and steal a bite to eat from the canteen. Reasonable 3 course meal. Decent feed for a uni canteen. Meet up with some Ivana friends. Invite us back to theirs for some coffee and a dart. Well several darts. As smokey as Snoop Doggs house. Talking smack. Lots and lots of smack. Translations between English and Croatian, and of course a few between our different English. Then in a rush they all left and we went to the pub. 6 dark beers for 12 euro. Splendid. Down to the centre to catch up with the host and her friends. For more beers, the strange concoction of a pale ale and a dark beer. Snake bite in Aussie. Delicious beverage but fucks you up. Turned sassy into a sloppy mess thats for sure. Dart to beer to beer to dart. Street arguments are always a delightful, especially if they’re being translated during. But I said I wouldn’t get to sloppy as i’m still trying to have an actually nights sleep. So the amazement of drunk me listening to sober me. Good job drunk Greg. Proud of you.


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