Just a communal hangover

A day of nothingness. A super relaxed one. Comfort is the highest need. After the antics of last night. Need to mong out and do nothing. Some how I stole a pouch of baci. Not sure when this happened or why I ended up with it. Mystery. No filters so no rollies for me today. Making lunch at 13.00, finally getting to eat it at 18.00. Peas just not cooking. Smashing pop corn as a pre-meal snack. Also breads and a quality range of spreads go down exceptionally as we wait for the food to be ready. Finally food is up, rice and veggies. Looked like prison food but tasted exceptionally. Now all that was left to do was relax and drink tea. Debating whether or not we should consume some wine. Decided against it. The loose leaved urinary tract tea, is a sentence to behold and also craziest liquid we had that night. A day of no alcohol, they a few and far between but always nice. Falling asleep to Disney movies cause I’m a child. Nice way to end a day of nothingness.


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