The drunks at the opera

The drunks at the opera. Find a bar to get wifi and a beer obviously. Try to get our shit together in the hour we have. At least managed to get a place to meet Katy (sassy’s friend also opera ticket lady). But cause of the people we are, we are at least an hour late. So have to find them again. Finally do and bid farewell to Ivana, who’s been a great host.  Unfortunately she and her roommate couldn’t join us for the show. We sit, we drink. Sassy catches up with old friends. I chat shit to new people. Alcohol is flowing but apparently for an opera its wise to not be drunk. Odd cause I assumed the opposite. Never-mind always follow your head. Fucking insomnia, writing at 6am. Definitely should still be asleep. But anyway we get to the place, its pissing with rain. We are all dressed to the nines. Or as much as or traveller luggage allows. Slight queue for the tickets. Until Katy pulls out the assistant director card and then bang we’re in. As always seats as uncomfortable as fuck. Watching mainly men, still slightly sexist country, sing at you in a language you don’t know is an experience. Not realised how much I twitch if I have to sit still. Seen as I’ve not had to be still for a year or so. 3 hours of ticks. Delightful. But the performance was good. We had the run down before so knew what was actually happening. Annoying kids sat next to us. Phone went off midway through, that’s just rude. Like the one of the only things I know about opera is that it’s a fuck load of singing and you switch your phone off. Anyway fuck left her umbrella so I gladly acquired it. It was pissing down. Oddly the male performers got wine whilst the women only got a rose. Id be pissed if I only got a rose. Quick walk around the opera house to look at the finer details and some customary selfies to commemorate the evening. Then to the bar to celebrate and to get loose. So we did as the Italians would and got a bottle of vino. Cheapest though we’re not to fancy. Also only one wine. Then back to the cheap ass beer. Mini bar crawl around Rijeka. Lost the piercing which is a piss take. Luckily Katy had a spare one.


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