Another day, another bar

The art of leaving a city when you miss the only bus. Head to the bar for wifi. And other important things. Beers and Pom Frittes. Witness a kiwi dying from a hangover. The real struggle begins for him. After the liquid breakfast has settled, he is functioning and we realise that we can just catch a train to Ljubljana. Night trains hoping for decent seats. Back to the pub for some more drinks and Burek. Pizza Burek is a treat. Not my fav. Can’t beat the classic spinach and cheese. Couple more beers and some darts. Having to half inch darts from confused Croatians. Getting a bit loose and a bit northern English confusing them with my language. Lovely lass, pretty as could be. Lent me some baci and then told me about Slovenia. How cool Ljubljana is. Fair play she wasn’t wrong. After the last round of beers, we head off to the station. Slightly wobbly legged but happy. Bun another dart. Find the train and climb aboard. Slip into first class and hope we don’t get kicked out. Sipping vodka and juice in the carriage. The hand written train ticket helped us get away with being in first class. First class living. After the voddy a little nap before we arrive. Ljubljana at night. Wandering round trying to find a hostel. Found one at last but its not 24hour reception.  Upstairs to the kitchen. Maybe just get a couple hours sleep there. On 3 fucking wooden chairs not comfy but better than nothing. Then it got weird. Fucking weird guy comes in and just stares at us sleeping. Doesn’t say anything. Just stares. Freaks sassy out so we leave. The fucker continues to stare at us the entire time we are leaving and also out the window. Odd cunt. Probably took us to his rape dungeon. Trekking round Ljubljana in middle of the night whilst its pissing down. Finally find another place and the cunt tries to scam us 16€ a night each. Blow it out your ass. Get him down to 11€ which is shit but manageable. Get to the room, the joys of having to make your own bed. Fuck that just lay on the sheets. Don’t need covers. Uhh fuck its hot. Need to crack a window.


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