It looks different in the light

Ljubljana continues. Off to a different hostel. Lovely city by day. Super hipster though. Not bad. But just hipster. Castle up on the hill. Sweet ass river running through the city. Get to the new hostel and its way better than the previous one. Oddly full with medical students. That are on Erasmus. Weirdly they’re not down for drinking a lot. Sassy and I can always change someone’s mind. We get them slammin. Talking shit to foreigners. Confusing the shit out of them with the weird crap we talking. Them actually asking us to translate our English cause its that bad. Probably doesn’t help that we talk absolute nonsense most of the time. Why we talking about space exploration, Sasquatch’s and other life forms. Understandable why they freak out. Meant to go to a festival or at least go out but fuck insomnia hit me hard. Started falling asleep midway through sentences. So sleeps it is.


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