Loafers are a versatile shoe

Searching for a gorge in the middle of no where. Slippery as a squirting cunt. Water was clear as day. Did fancy a swim. Shame that is cold as. Pretty devastating. But still lovely to look at for a while. Lovely little water fall. So still and clear, exquisite. Was a nice stroll there and back. Walking through little villages, farms and forests to get to the place. Not the best idea to do it slightly hung-over/drunk and in loafers. Which are now ruined from the rain and mud and snow. Fucked it. They not built for this shit. The village was odd. Not a single shop or pub. How can you not have a local. Only one crappy restaurant which was expensive as fuck. But nice to see some nature again, do get tired of the cities. Need to be able to walk around in woods sometimes. Back to hostel to get a cook on. Pasta. Got the veggies on the go, for a bit of health again. Messed up forgot the shops shut at 5. No alcohol to be found. Luckily old mate that owns the hostel also owns a bar. Takes us down the road to his pub. All closed down due to reservations. Down into the basement of the place to the storage. Starts pull out bottle after bottle. Beer, cider, wine, liquor. Passing out at the diner table and then the common couch. Having to taken to bed by another guest. Irish guy, bit odd put nice enough. Mixing alcohol always fucks you up.


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