Relaxing at the thermal baths

Day of the baths. Drinking wine with your Chinese breakie. Budapest of course. Visit the Hungarian mum. Working in a fancy ass bar. Splash a bit of cash for sassy’s birthday. Fancy beers on me. Doesn’t sit well with the beer. Pop to the second hand shop. Acquire a peach of a jacket. Fucking sticking to the table. Cunts spilling drinks. Bastards. Canny waste alcohol. Arrive at the baths a little toasted. Random brewski along the way. Got to keep a nice alcohol level. Cheapest local baths possible. Odd for me now not having a budget. Just blowing money. Like nothing. Fuck I’m a drunk cunt. Last few days of travels got to smash them. The baths are an odd one. Warm water, cold water, sauna, steam room. Not the biggest fan of them. Especially when you start getting a hangover midway through. Rather just sit in a Finnish sauna. Warm water is just too much for me. And the sulphur water smells dreadful. Healthy for you but dear God, awful. Nearly spewed trying to swallow it. Baths done subtly relaxed and refreshed. Off to become a complete fucking mess again. Retox happy hour is the one. Meet Alex (American woman we met at lake bled). She’s there with her friends she met travelling. Slam a considerable amount of beer. Accidentally drink a dreg and have to make a quick stop a the toilet for a little spew. Met old mate from the first time I was in Budapest. He’s still teaching English. Takes us to a cheaper bar round the corner. Then back to Edison and ink to meet up with Viki my Hungarian mum. Have a couple little beers there and a couple shots for sassy’s bday. Then the real bar crawl begins. Had to go to the awful fucking English pub. So tacky and bad. Doesn’t even look a English pub. Cant even sit on the chair in the end, its too irritating. We need to go somewhere else and drink. This place is awful. Go to the dirty local Hungarian bar. Cheap as fuck. And surprisingly a nice place. No English spoken ever in there though. Shots and beers super cheap, so a little language barrier is nothing. After I black the fuck out and wake up in-between two mattresses completely naked.


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