Back in the UK after 20months

The end of the line. Almost 2 years of travel coming to an end. That’s all folks. Fuck that not living in England. Give it a month or 2 earn some dollar and get the fuck out of there. Have to get a tram and a bus to airport. Why are airports always such a bitch to get too. But before that obviously me and sassy have to get a beer before we go. Smoke the last of my darts. Took an hour not too bad. Only 600huf, so cant complain. Fuck load cheaper than a taxi. Passed the time in the airport watching a woman assemble mannequins. That was a first. So you know travel does broaden your horizon. The mannequin is now staring at me so I may have to move. Nip to duty free pick up a bottle of Palinka for my pops. Kind of expensive but might as well waste the last of my forint. The currency is fucking useless. 1euro is 310forint. Like that shit is complicated to work out. 2 planes taking a total of 7 hours for me to get home. Fuck that’s shit. Pissin lay overs. In Hamburg as well.  And of course I get the fat cunt sat next to me. Potato head stuck on a blob of fat. Oh god the wife looks like a heart attack. And once again the headphones I acquired don’t work. Considering papa smurf paid 120euro for this flight it is wank.  Piece of bread and a Haribo isn’t quite cutting the mustard. Old mate inhaled his. Not sure if he even chewed. Pretty sure he’s a mong, been fannying around for 10mins trying to hang up a little bag. Dropping it, trying to pick it up, getting between the tray table and his stomach. Couldn’t even go for a piss cause the fat fuck had fallen asleep and wouldn’t wake up. Some odd people on this flight. Someone is just videoing clouds. A cloud enthusiast. Sitting in a German airport for 4 hours. Not a lot to do but sit and wait. And wait. Walk around then wait somewhere else. All the fun here. Some more passport checks. Then wait till my plane arrives. Only 2 more hours to go. Dear God this is torturous. Was a dick and forgot to take my book out of my bag. Fucking nothing to do. Bored out of my nut. Really irritated that I didn’t brush my teeth either. All about oral hygiene. Finally made it. Now just this flight a tram, another tram then a walk home.  My fault really did say I don’t need a lift home. So I had to get a tram for almost 2 hours and then a 20min walk. Back home see the parents. Eat some food and get back to normality. Don’t like it already. I’m leaving as soon as.