Occasionally I get hangovers

Woke up in a state. Looked like a complete junkie. Especially with my eyes red as fuck. Definitely had the aesthetics of a heroin addict. Stumbling down the street to get a Chinese with sassy. It is a decent Asian food place. Back to basement to smack out for the rest of the day or at least till my brain is functioning. Cartoons always sort you out. Batman and Spiderman. Saving the drunk from his hangover. Drunken ping-pong game. Before we set off to see Katy and Aaron. Oddly me and sassy arrive on time. Which is a once in a blue moon thing and should be treated as such. Hang about burn a dart whilst waiting for the others, a little cold but cant complain cause the snow looks incredible. Their Airbnb host told them of an amazing restaurant which are off to check out if it is as good as they had made out. Only problem i have i am really struggling with alcohol abuse over the last few weeks. Difficult conversing, drinking and also eating. Beer shakes make it impossible to eat soup. All just falls off your spoon and usually onto your lap. Ordered this unbelievable good brie and beetroot salad. The freshness was next level. All round exceptional dish and so were the others. Duck, goose and fried chicken dishes all going round the table. Very very slowly I manage to drink my beer and attempt to consume the wine that has now arrived at the table. Then conversation switches to Palinka. But cause we all slightly toasted its not a regular conversation at all. Truly fucked up actually. Grandma in the bathtub stewing in her juices. Only way to brew Palinka. Not sure how we came to this conclusion but its all fun and games. Then just the difficulty of splitting the bill and how much is acceptable to tip. Such big notes confusing the life out of everyone. Ruin bars. Budapest’s thing. Just an old building with a bar in it. Pretty straight forward but they are good. Have a draw to them. Nice grungy vibe. Kurplung is the one for us tonight. Can be a bit hit and miss but it was a top one. Had a life band. Alpaca beat. Fucking quality. Beers and a couple more shots pick me out of my hangover lull. Apart from Unicum that stuff is truly awful. Sassy the dick buying it. But you cant complain when its free, well not that much. It was a struggle to get it down. Back to the hostel to say bye to baby Balint. And sling down a few more cans. Pack my shit. Then pass the fuck out. Hopefully wake up in time for my flight or you know hopefully not as id rather not go home.


The drunks at the opera

The drunks at the opera. Find a bar to get wifi and a beer obviously. Try to get our shit together in the hour we have. At least managed to get a place to meet Katy (sassy’s friend also opera ticket lady). But cause of the people we are, we are at least an hour late. So have to find them again. Finally do and bid farewell to Ivana, who’s been a great host.  Unfortunately she and her roommate couldn’t join us for the show. We sit, we drink. Sassy catches up with old friends. I chat shit to new people. Alcohol is flowing but apparently for an opera its wise to not be drunk. Odd cause I assumed the opposite. Never-mind always follow your head. Fucking insomnia, writing at 6am. Definitely should still be asleep. But anyway we get to the place, its pissing with rain. We are all dressed to the nines. Or as much as or traveller luggage allows. Slight queue for the tickets. Until Katy pulls out the assistant director card and then bang we’re in. As always seats as uncomfortable as fuck. Watching mainly men, still slightly sexist country, sing at you in a language you don’t know is an experience. Not realised how much I twitch if I have to sit still. Seen as I’ve not had to be still for a year or so. 3 hours of ticks. Delightful. But the performance was good. We had the run down before so knew what was actually happening. Annoying kids sat next to us. Phone went off midway through, that’s just rude. Like the one of the only things I know about opera is that it’s a fuck load of singing and you switch your phone off. Anyway fuck left her umbrella so I gladly acquired it. It was pissing down. Oddly the male performers got wine whilst the women only got a rose. Id be pissed if I only got a rose. Quick walk around the opera house to look at the finer details and some customary selfies to commemorate the evening. Then to the bar to celebrate and to get loose. So we did as the Italians would and got a bottle of vino. Cheapest though we’re not to fancy. Also only one wine. Then back to the cheap ass beer. Mini bar crawl around Rijeka. Lost the piercing which is a piss take. Luckily Katy had a spare one.

Just a communal hangover

A day of nothingness. A super relaxed one. Comfort is the highest need. After the antics of last night. Need to mong out and do nothing. Some how I stole a pouch of baci. Not sure when this happened or why I ended up with it. Mystery. No filters so no rollies for me today. Making lunch at 13.00, finally getting to eat it at 18.00. Peas just not cooking. Smashing pop corn as a pre-meal snack. Also breads and a quality range of spreads go down exceptionally as we wait for the food to be ready. Finally food is up, rice and veggies. Looked like prison food but tasted exceptionally. Now all that was left to do was relax and drink tea. Debating whether or not we should consume some wine. Decided against it. The loose leaved urinary tract tea, is a sentence to behold and also craziest liquid we had that night. A day of no alcohol, they a few and far between but always nice. Falling asleep to Disney movies cause I’m a child. Nice way to end a day of nothingness.

Back to school

Off to art school. Slightly hung-over and tired, that’s how you do uni right? But first I have to look like I’m from clock work orange. Big dangling earring and a bowler hat. To complete the denim jacket and loafer aesthetic. Interesting outfit choices are my thing.  Entering an art school I blend in. Some odd glances on the walk there but actually a lovely little town. Also a lovely day. Nice being out of the freezer. Walking in just a jacket instead of 37 layers of fabric. Art school where i wanted to go before I gave up education. Aesthetically pleasing place with some crazy characters.  Fuck these cunts can paint. Like exceptionally well, unbelievable stuff on display. Do love the feel of an art exhibition. Paint and shit everywhere. Can’t stop touching the bowler hat. Looking like a mysterious gentleman. Sliding round halls. To the noise of a loafer clip clop. Set my loafers off too a castle with a vantage point. Stunning view of the city and the sea. Little bit of cloud but canny complain. Especially seen as I’ve not seen blue sky for ages. Down we go. 600 stairs. Its a steep ass place to live. Lots of hills. Up and down. Knees burning. Wondering round town wonder why I’m getting odd looks. Remember that I’ve got a dangling ear ring and a bowler hat. Staring at some roman ruins. Actually doing tourists stuff instead of just drinking and or taking pingers.  Which I assume is what you’re meant to do when travelling, see the sights not the bars. Winding up the roads to the uni. To be cheap cunts and steal a bite to eat from the canteen. Reasonable 3 course meal. Decent feed for a uni canteen. Meet up with some Ivana friends. Invite us back to theirs for some coffee and a dart. Well several darts. As smokey as Snoop Doggs house. Talking smack. Lots and lots of smack. Translations between English and Croatian, and of course a few between our different English. Then in a rush they all left and we went to the pub. 6 dark beers for 12 euro. Splendid. Down to the centre to catch up with the host and her friends. For more beers, the strange concoction of a pale ale and a dark beer. Snake bite in Aussie. Delicious beverage but fucks you up. Turned sassy into a sloppy mess thats for sure. Dart to beer to beer to dart. Street arguments are always a delightful, especially if they’re being translated during. But I said I wouldn’t get to sloppy as i’m still trying to have an actually nights sleep. So the amazement of drunk me listening to sober me. Good job drunk Greg. Proud of you.

Being sober on a bus is totally different than being drunk on a bus.

Finding 2 hosts within an hour for our next stop Rijeka. Had to go with the art student, fuckers are more interesting. Arrange to get the 4o’clock bus but for the first time in forever pretty much, we couldn’t just get a bus cause it was full. So off to the bar to wait for the next one. Beers always help pass the time. Finally on the bus. Also fucking rammed. Back to the sheer uncomfortable travel position. Trying to get some sleep, not really working. Finally arrive in Rijeka, seems like a lovely place. Grab a beer and wait for the host to arrive. 20:15 and are on the way to her house. At the bus stop she asks if we should go visit her friends. Of course we do. We arrive at this fancy olden building, up a couple flights of stairs to the best student apartment. 3 people living in practically a mansion. Students stressing about their exams. Fucking glad I’m an alcoholic traveller. No stress. Relaxing into the night. Obviously being in the Balkans didn’t take long for the Raki to come out. Sitting down and just slipping into conversation with no stress. A few more Raki shots and we’re talking shit. Sassy on repeat about partying. Our host Ivana is a interesting person, with some crazy stories to tell. She has a black eye from her room mate, as a result of practicing Capoeira (had to Google how to spell that). Lost her 2 front teeth from falling an epileptic fit. Fucked up other eye awhile back from it as well. Brings us a breakfast selection, of everything that is all homemade. Arrangement of sausage, Ayra, marmalade, cheese and bread. Fucking delicious breakie. Drank down with Joghurt, Balkan yoghurt that you drink. Surprisingly deliciously after you get past the weirdness of drinking yoghurt.

Lasagne, gin and garlic bread

No sleep just being. Its an odd kind of confused high. Neither awake nor asleep, stole that from fight club cause I’m a thief. Is an excellent movie. A day mongin out in bed, films, garlic bread and lasagne. How else are you supposed to travel. Oh yeah and the standard bottle of gin and tonic. Sweet little Airbnb we had for the weekend, is now a complete mess as always we turn everywhere into a drug den. Finally got around to watching inception, was a good watch but just made me want to have some lucid dreams.

Drunken rambles in Zagreb

The travels of a hoarder you always need a Rubix cube. Acquired over a year ago in Finland but now a necessity. Always has be with you. Cant leave it behind. Along with the flower jacket. The essentials along a the journey. Reconnecting with old and new friends, that you’ve loved and missed since you parted. The slight enjoyment of nailing dropping a balled up sock into your shoe in one shot. Never buying toiletries because people always lose them. The universe always helps you out. Just got to trust it. Fuck that sounds dumb and spiritual. Maybe I could start a cult. I do occasional smell like a murdered prostitute. I do still need to solve my Rubix cube. Soup time. Probably saw the best jacket in a long time lovely English girl is wearing it. You they are a good friend, when they’ll send you nudes so you can rub one out. Big ol’ boobs. OCD monging you out with the Tupperware. The life of a confused alco pop. No bed for the evening but we can fix that. No worries. Less stress more beer. Eating a soup with the beer shakes is practically impossible. Spilling everything. Don’t know what was in that soup but fuck me I felt high as fuck. Confused by the acid elephants. Airbnb, darts, doobies and excessive alcohol. Gin & tonic with grape fruit, was a first but fuck me its good. Charlotte was right. Vodka and gin isn’t the best combo. Especially on top of a beer lunch or breakie. You’re not allowed in without id, but you stay at the hostel yeah sure come in. Fuckin wank bar club whatever. Would have been better sleeping in a ditch. More atmosphere. Space exploration. Space is a cool place. Id work for NASA, drunken rambles. Then walk about in the fresh air of -12, definitely sobers you the fuck up. Found a different place at last, packed tighter than a pornstars arsehole. Cant even cut some shapes in the place, without putting your dick up someone. Super market sweep, 2kg of lasagne, garlic bread and gin. A weird gnome woman. Freaked me out. Insomnia is weird. Sleep deprivation is fucking me up.