Occasionally I get hangovers

Woke up in a state. Looked like a complete junkie. Especially with my eyes red as fuck. Definitely had the aesthetics of a heroin addict. Stumbling down the street to get a Chinese with sassy. It is a decent Asian food place. Back to basement to smack out for the rest of the day or at least till my brain is functioning. Cartoons always sort you out. Batman and Spiderman. Saving the drunk from his hangover. Drunken ping-pong game. Before we set off to see Katy and Aaron. Oddly me and sassy arrive on time. Which is a once in a blue moon thing and should be treated as such. Hang about burn a dart whilst waiting for the others, a little cold but cant complain cause the snow looks incredible. Their Airbnb host told them of an amazing restaurant which are off to check out if it is as good as they had made out. Only problem i have i am really struggling with alcohol abuse over the last few weeks. Difficult conversing, drinking and also eating. Beer shakes make it impossible to eat soup. All just falls off your spoon and usually onto your lap. Ordered this unbelievable good brie and beetroot salad. The freshness was next level. All round exceptional dish and so were the others. Duck, goose and fried chicken dishes all going round the table. Very very slowly I manage to drink my beer and attempt to consume the wine that has now arrived at the table. Then conversation switches to Palinka. But cause we all slightly toasted its not a regular conversation at all. Truly fucked up actually. Grandma in the bathtub stewing in her juices. Only way to brew Palinka. Not sure how we came to this conclusion but its all fun and games. Then just the difficulty of splitting the bill and how much is acceptable to tip. Such big notes confusing the life out of everyone. Ruin bars. Budapest’s thing. Just an old building with a bar in it. Pretty straight forward but they are good. Have a draw to them. Nice grungy vibe. Kurplung is the one for us tonight. Can be a bit hit and miss but it was a top one. Had a life band. Alpaca beat. Fucking quality. Beers and a couple more shots pick me out of my hangover lull. Apart from Unicum that stuff is truly awful. Sassy the dick buying it. But you cant complain when its free, well not that much. It was a struggle to get it down. Back to the hostel to say bye to baby Balint. And sling down a few more cans. Pack my shit. Then pass the fuck out. Hopefully wake up in time for my flight or you know hopefully not as id rather not go home.