Chips and cheese dip

Day on the train. Drinking, snacking and talking rubbish. Met an interesting character. Originally from Bosnia. But now lived in the states and had an Murican family. Which made it very odd he used the N word. Made even worse by the way he said it. Stunned all 3 of us. Only thing me and sassy could think to do was get out the chips and dip. Which worked very well. Tortilla chips with a horse radish cream cheese dip. Exceptional food. Really pulled that out of the bag. Lidl was a little treat to found. Old mate was slightly racist or probably very but he did insist constantly buying us beers. So we got nicely toasted on the train. Then we decided to kick it up a notch by trying to make a didn’t in the 3 litres of red wine we brought with us. Which obviously led to us talking absolute shit on the train. People moving cause of this stuff, shit was so dry it was like a dry finger. Anal related. Everybody is thinking about a dry finger. Seeping into the dreams. Definitely should hasten your liquor consumption. We arrive get to the hostel. I sneak in my old one and sassy goes somewhere else. Meet back up for happy hour at Retox. Get very sloppy drunk there as always. Its a mad house. Some reason they take us to an arcade. Me and this girl fuck off cause we’re not 12. Get some darts and beers at a shop. Starts hitting on me. But then cause I’m an idiot and awful with names she fucks off cause I couldn’t remember hers. My bad but fuck it. Just to another bar and get fucked up. Perfectly being a drunken mess. The usual me in Budapest.


Loafers are a versatile shoe

Searching for a gorge in the middle of no where. Slippery as a squirting cunt. Water was clear as day. Did fancy a swim. Shame that is cold as. Pretty devastating. But still lovely to look at for a while. Lovely little water fall. So still and clear, exquisite. Was a nice stroll there and back. Walking through little villages, farms and forests to get to the place. Not the best idea to do it slightly hung-over/drunk and in loafers. Which are now ruined from the rain and mud and snow. Fucked it. They not built for this shit. The village was odd. Not a single shop or pub. How can you not have a local. Only one crappy restaurant which was expensive as fuck. But nice to see some nature again, do get tired of the cities. Need to be able to walk around in woods sometimes. Back to hostel to get a cook on. Pasta. Got the veggies on the go, for a bit of health again. Messed up forgot the shops shut at 5. No alcohol to be found. Luckily old mate that owns the hostel also owns a bar. Takes us down the road to his pub. All closed down due to reservations. Down into the basement of the place to the storage. Starts pull out bottle after bottle. Beer, cider, wine, liquor. Passing out at the diner table and then the common couch. Having to taken to bed by another guest. Irish guy, bit odd put nice enough. Mixing alcohol always fucks you up.

Exploring the countryside

Venturing to the natural beauty of the lakes. Lake bled is our destination. Hour or so on the bus. But first we got to get supplies for the next couple days. We discovered an Aldi which as always is cheap as fuck. It is called Hofer though. Other than that exactly the same. Cheap as fuck and good products. Pasta and health is the aim of the shopping run. Fuck loads of veggies and some pasta. Strolling round Hofer still slightly drunk and sleep deprived. Carrying my giant ass backpack. And a big fucking basket of food. Sweatin like a cunt. The big ass debate of should we get 10litre sack of goon or just be sensible and get a smaller bottle of wine. In the end oddly for us the small bottle is ours. Which was a bad idea in the end cause obviously we run out and need a lot more. Fucked it up. But never mind being a grown-up means you got figure stuff out for yourself. Which sucks dick. But any-who. Get to the bus station, return tickets which is a new one for me. Some pastries on the bus to help us out. Definitely should of brought some water along for the journey. Only an hour we can manage. Love views of the mountains along the bus ride, its a crazy beautiful country.  Still snow on the mountains from the last couple weeks. Do fucking love snow. Even though I’m not rocking the best footwear for it. Loafers don’t give the best traction in snowy conditions. Met another Aussie cunt that was down for a mooch around the lake. Fucking beautiful view. Like 5km walk around the lake. And the lake is frozen over, we missed the real frozen though last week everyone was walking and ice skating on it. Which would of been skitz to do but now its just a little to thin to be safe. But still looks crazy as fuck. Aussie mate did a little walk and moonwalk on the ice. Took some ridiculous pictures for him. They’re madness the ice looked crazy, kept trying to break it along the way but no joy. Shit was too thick. Explore an odd abandon building walking round not actually finding shit. Having to walk on the biggest boards so we don’t fall through the ceiling. Shit was a bit sketchy. Fucking crazy views off the lake and mountains. Avoiding the nails and glass leaving the place. Slowly walking back to the hostel. Picking up some stuff at the supermarket on the way back. Soup and wine for the evening. Forgetting how big of alcoholics we are. Running out of booze. So we had to go to the bar down stairs to get a couple beers. Getting a free round cause some fuckers want to play poker. Great deal. Canny complain with that. Just move tables and get a free beverage. Back to the hostel talk some shit to people then hit the hay. Interesting night. But nothing special. Just another drunken adventure in a hostel.